Our Promise

Since pioneering the field of practice management in 1945, we have provided in-depth consultation to thousands of doctors. Maintaining direct communication with clients, our consultants are skilled in analyzing, planning, developing medical practices, and taking care of doctors’ individual financial affairs.

We understand how precious your time is and your total involvement in the medical arts leave little space for the intricacies of practice management. Our team members work collaboratively to offer highly specialized guidance to bring peace of mind and a path for success in practice and life. We are trusted advisors for your future.

Scroggins Management Founder
Rob & Page Scroggins Management

Our Purpose

To help doctors enjoy the freedom of independent practice.

Our Values

People matter. Relationships matter.

With every interaction we honor our colleagues, our clients and our company. We are respectful. We listen thoughtfully and communicate constructively.

Do the right thing.

We act with integrity. We hold ourselves accountable and take pride in what we deliver.


Achieve excellence together.

We work productively with a one-team mindset and collaborate effectively. As brand ambassadors, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and deliver excellent results.