medical leadership

Have you ever tried to drive your car down the highway blind folded? Of course not, that’d be reckless and dumb, but a lot of leaders are doing just that. I’m going to help you stop that today. Of all the signs that we see when we work with an organization that show us whether things are headed towards the culture and plotting, this is one of the big ones and it’s really important because of this.

As a leader, it’s one of the things you can most directly affect and impact actively. We call it simply the leadership blindfold. It works like this, the more aware a leader is of what’s going on in the organization, the better off the whole organization is proven to be.

There’s a lot of studies on this. Sidney Oshida started 31 years ago looking at this and what he found and so many others have found since is that he called it his model, the iceberg of ignorance where the top 4%, the top level leaders in an organization know about 4% of the actual problems under the surface that is going on within your organization.

Other studies have found maybe 9%, maybe up to 18% of what was going on in the organization to top level leaders know. How do we make decisions when we’re walking around essentially like this with 4% view of what’s actually happening?

I mean, leading a business already feels like you’re walking around in the dark, let alone if we blindfolded ourselves. And that’s not good enough for you. We want to help you do that better. It’s important that you do that well.

You have to have good information; you have to have good truth and people telling you the actual truth in the organization in order for you to make the right decisions to lead well. It’s easy to get focused on what’s ahead and not look internally, not look at ourselves and make sure that what we’re doing is the right thing.

And it takes tremendous leadership, it takes tremendous courage as a leader to be self -aware, to be socially aware, to be business aware. And it’s necessary, vital for you. If you want to lead this thing where you’re supposed to lead it and do what you’re created to do here.

We want to help you do that. We want to help you raise your level of awareness so that you can be more confident. Just remove the blindfold so you can make greater decisions and move forward boldly and confidently as a leader.

But in order to do that, you’re going to need more understanding and truth. We can help assess what you’ve got going on. We lay your experience next to that, your perception next to that of others, whether culture, leadership, strategy.

We can see how closely tied those are and even predict with some percentages the likelihood of people leaving and other problems you’re going to have. That awareness and understanding is critical for you as a leader.

If you want to move forward boldly, confidently, and have somebody help bolster your ability to do that, we would love to help you do that. Check out Scroggins Management. Email one of our organizational development consultants and we can help you lead confidently, boldly with the right information.

I even challenge you right now. So, go find somebody you trust and sit in front of them and just say, “hey, what am I missing in my leadership or in the business? What am I not aware of?”