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Start Your Own Clinic

Take control of your medical practice profits and future with Scroggins Management.

Our mission is to help you build a thriving healthcare practice with a solid business strategy and smooth day-to-day operations.

Scroggins Management offers expert guidance for all stages of medical practice launch and operations, whether you’re fresh out of medical school residency, starting a new medical practice, collaborating on a group practice, or transitioning from employed to private practice.

Our comprehensive solutions and services cover market analysis, financial planning, human resources, compliance, and ongoing practice management support.

Get the ultimate support for your medical office operations with Scroggins Management. We’ll team up with you to create a winning medical business strategy and guide your new practice toward growth and success.

Our main aim is to establish the best practices for your day-to-day medical operations. Starting with a thorough assessment, our Scroggins consultant will oversee the development and implementation of your practice. We’ll stay in touch through regular calls and monthly onsite visits to review:

– The current status of your practice
– Cash flow and financial strength
– Established benchmarks
– Tips to boost profitability

(And hey, we’re here to answer any questions you may have!)

I am not happy with practicing in my hospital or group practice – can I make it on my own?

Thinking about leaving the hospital or group practice? Wondering if private practice is a viable option? You bet it is!

The resounding answer is YES! Private practice not only works today but will continue to thrive in the future. At Scroggins Management, we’ve collaborated with over 50,000 healthcare practitioners for 75 years. Many physicians are experiencing tremendous success in their own practices, despite some misconceptions suggesting otherwise.

Even if you’re not fully committed to the idea of private practice, it’s essential to consider it seriously. Knowing the potential for success in this realm can be advantageous in negotiations and planning for your future.

Moreover, the tools and solutions we offer are adaptable to various business structures, be it hospitals, healthcare systems, supergroups, and more. Our aim is to empower healthcare providers like you, enabling you to focus on patient care, achieve mastery, and enhance autonomy, making your career truly fulfilling.

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