The agility needed for healthcare hiring and mobility

Healthcare organizations are struggling with labor shortages and skills gaps that hinder caring for patients and retaining top talent. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 2 million new healthcare jobs by 2031,1 due to growth and replacement needs. With our Practice Hiring System, advancements in technology and science can modernize your talent care, just as they’ve revolutionized patient care.

We enable you to quickly hire better fits and power mobility for any need

Consistently predict fit for any role

Whether you need orderlies, techs, or patient services staff, Harver’s assessments reliably determine fit in as little as 7 minutes for hourly jobs or 16 minutes for professional jobs. Make the most of every decision, from hiring quality nurses at scale to assessing sales member job knowledge before you hire.

Enable mobility and development

Fostering in-role and out-of-role growth are the treatment plan for talent shortages and widening skills gaps across the healthcare industry. Give your TA and TM teams the flexibility to adapt for success in any situation, with scientifically validated assessments that identify strengths and gaps for any role and any job seeker. Re-skill, up-skill, or develop talent with objective assessment data, plus actionable tips for closing skills gaps.

Check references while increasing passive candidates

Traditional reference checking takes way too much time and effort. Harver streamlines the process with our #1 rated reference checking solution that averages 6 references per check in just 24 hours. And because we automate the process, recruiters save 1.5 hours per check. You even increase your healthcare talent pool, because more than 50% of references become passive candidates themselves.

Mitigate bias to maximize your talent pool

With no end in sight for a tight labor market, you can’t afford to overlook great fits for your healthcare organization. Our People Science team of psychologists and data scientists validate and constantly monitor our assessments to mitigate bias, so you can hire objectively based on fit even when competing hospitals, dental offices, or senior living facilities miss out.

See how we can decrease your time to hire without sacrificing quality.