Case Study:

Medical billing can be a hassle – but it remains a necessary aspect of a practice. In this case study, an independent 2-3 doctor practice has a medical biller who doesn’t like their own job. After reviewing the practice’s annual financial report, it was discovered that there was a discrepancy in their earnings. The lack of care, attention, and punctuality is costing the practice hundreds of thousands in lost revenue each year. 


In this particular case, the medical biller wears many hats happily other than the one they were designated. They oversee reception, practice management, and various other duties. At the end of the day, they have depleted themselves and have no energy to sit down and enter codes. 

During our consultancy visit, we’ve found that the medical biller is also someone that takes pride in taking care of the practice itself. They are fond of being the overseer of operations and interacting with patients. This causes overwhelm and a lack of direction, especially with their own job. The practice has accumulated various reports that were not billed on time; some may have been voided due to missing the time frame.


We’ve openly discussed the issue with the physicians and the medical biller together, and the conclusion drawn was to hire part-time help. The medical biller wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed by their day to day activities, thus having time to focus on the billing. We’ve also recommended the medical biller to be more open and ask for help when it is needed – rather than trying to carry everything on their shoulders. The physicians were more than happy to provide the aid – the practice was able to communicate honestly and get their own thoughts across to reach a solution.